Southeast Asia Newsletter Archive

Southeast Asia Newsletter Archive

Discover the best of Southeast Asia with THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia and Inspire, our two monthly publications showcasing the latest news and information from the region. Explore our selection of bespoke and inspirational travel ideas personally curated for each guest, whether they are interested in nature, culture, art, or more.

Bringing you insider news and information about our Asia, keeping you up to date with what's trending in the region. Plus, we share our local knowledge and expert advice, highlighting our Top 5 picks of where to go and what do, and exclusive interviews with industry tastemakers, exclusive offers and more! 

A showcase of inspiring moments and exclusive travel ideas. Click through to discover some of our top experiences, from cuisine and culture to art, architecture and Insider Access, or family-friendly, active adventures with Akorn Southeast Asia. We've got you covered for your client's next Southeast Asia trip!


THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia


THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | April 2019

In this issue, we unveil our Exclusive Cambodia journey, featuring the best of Cambodia’s city, culture, island and nature. We also share our Top 5 reasons to add Dalat to your Vietnam must-see list, chat with Bangkok’s Creative District’s dynamic design duo and introduce our AKP Philanthropy project in Mai Chau, Vietnam. 

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | March 2019

Experience tranquility amid the rolling hillsides of northern Laos, discover something chic or pick up a bargain at our favorite Bangkok markets and explore the latest trends in arts, design and fashion with an art curator in Siem Reap. We also share an update about our philanthropy project and introduce our new Groups Manager.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | February 2019

Discover ancient and uplifting traditions with our new wellness journey and get ready for Songkran celebrations around the region. We also reveal this year's trending honeymoon moments and chat with one of our favorite archaeologists about where to go and what to see in Southeast Asia.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | December 2018

Take a look at some of our favorite Instagrammable moments in Southeast Asia and go off the grid in southern Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park. Discover our favorite “insider” ways to experience Ho Chi Minh City and meet an artist who is bringing life and color to Bangkok’s backstreets.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | November 2018

This month, we take you to experience the Vietnam’s coffee country and explore mindfulness in Thailand. We also reveal our Top 5 antique shops and galleries in Southeast Asia and meet an art expert and social entrepreneur who is weaving new opportunities in Laos.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | October 2018

This month, we take you to Luang Prabang, Laos, for our favorite “crop to bowl” farming and noodle-making experience and unveil an unforgettable private jet journey through Southeast Asia. We also meet Chef Ian Kittichai, a master chef making waves in international culinary circles and share our Top 5 experiences in Hue, Vietnam. Plus, try healthy eating with insects and check out the latest news from around the region.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | August 2018

Discover Cambodia’s art, fashion and design scene, and explore over 800 islands of paradise off the coast of Myanmar. We’ll tell you our favorite picks for Last Minute Getaways to take in 2018 and chat with one of our Insider experts, a U.S. Veteran living in Hanoi. Check out our philanthropy project near Angkor Wat and find out how your guests can get involved. Plus, the Insider Scoop from around the region.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | July 2018

This month, we reveal the best places to go and what to do during Southeast Asia’s green season, and we why we choose Lan Ha Bay over Ha Long Bay in Vietnam. We also share our Top 5 favorite eats and cultural festivals that are worth jumping on a flight for and this month’s insider interview tells the story of two cool chicks and their love affair with cheese that created a social enterprise in Laos.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | June 2018

Our DMC is celebrating 30 years in Southeast Asia!  Check out our family fun experiences, a new chartered cruise on the Mekong, our Top 5 Shopping in Southeast Asia, an exclusive interview about Art & The Secretariat in Yangon, A Traveler's Tale and News from the Region.

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THE INSIDER by Akorn Southeast Asia | May 2018

Our inaugural issue features the Hoi An Lantern Festival, Photographic Journeys with Akorn in Southeast Asia, Our Top 5 UNESCO Sites you must see, an exclusive interview with Nicholas Downing, General Manager of The Siam and special offers from Rosewood Luang Prabang & Phnom Penh.

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Inspire | March 2019

Discover a little-known Khmer miracle in Thailand, experience Myanmar's royal marionette traditions, savor the flavors of sin dad (Lao barbecue), capture Angkor at its best with a New York Times photographer and delve deeper into the Mekong Delta on a private overnight sampan cruise.


Inspire | February 2019

Experience 4,000 wonders of Laos' inland archipelago, create signature cocktails at a Khmer liqueur house and get fitted for a traditional ao dai dress in Vietnam. Meet an anthropologist to uncover the secrets of Phnom Penh and discover Thai textiles and traditions with a local art expert.

Inspire | January 2019

Taste the glorious food scene in Bangkok, give the gift of clean water in Siem Reap and experience a baci blessing in Laos. Helicopter to Ayutthaya with an archaeologist and dine in a rice field in Hoi An.

Inspire | December 2018

Discover Vietnam's New Year flower markets and light one thousand oil lamps at a pagoda in Yangon. Experience the taste trail of Siem Reap, get the mark of an ancient "Sak Yant" tattoo by a master and cruise Cambodia's great lake at sunset.


Inspire | November 2018

Discover the secret life of monks in Luang Prabang, join an acrobatics workshop in Siem Reap, enjoy a night out with a local in Hanoi, experience Loy Krathong in Thailand and see into your future with a Burmese astrologer.


Inspire | October 2018

Get "ph-un and ph-unky in Phnom Penh, explore the intricate wardrobe of Thailand's Queen Mother, experience the simple life in Ky Son, Vietnam, witness a coming of age ceremony in Myanmar and sip sundowners on a royal speedboat in Bangkok.

Inspire | September 2018

Design your day with our tailor-made experiences in Bangkok, learn secret recipes of a Shan village chef, admire astonishing acrobatics in Hoi An, experience the spirit of adventure in Indonesia and enjoy a picnic in the mysterious Plain of Jars.


Inspire | August 2018

Discover Ho Chi Minh City on a fascinating market trail, taste the best pepper in the world in Kampot, Cambodia and immerse in the burgeoning arts scene of Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. Plus, meet our Insider expert to learn about Lao textiles in rural villages and see the magnificent Inle Lake from the sky in a hot air balloon.

Inspire | July 2018

Take part in a Thai puppet show, learn how to make Shan paper, experience local life in the Mekong Delta, picnic at remote temples by helicopter or dine at a floating restaurant at Inle Lake.


Inspire | June 2018

Discover culture & cuisine in Hanoi, play petanque with locals in Luang Prabang, hunt for treasure at Angkor Wat, enjoy an evening at Ben Xuan in Hue or dine with a temple view in Bagan.



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