Akorn Newsletter - October 2018

Extraordinary Journeys, Extraordinary Experiences

With another year drawing to a close, we have, as always, brought forth a gamut of niche experiences for our guests to indulge in, certainly in the new year but also in what is left of 2018. River cruises in eastern India are an interesting way to unlock the region; from little known architectural marvels not often frequented by tourists to discovering the daily lives of the locals, each day on board and off is a day of new discovery. Not far from the bank of the Ganga are the 18th century temples known for its terracotta work which can be explored by our guests after a few hours’ drive from Kolkata. Moving across the country to Mumbai, Bohri cuisine is a unique culinary discovery that we want to share with our guests; we are sure they will love it as much as we do! While there, they may also want to spend a day with the iconic Dabbawalas, facilitators of lunch for office-goers all over the city, and learn about the complicated yet seamless operation of delivering lunches. The wine scene in India is, slowly but surely, coming into prominence. Our guests will enjoy exploring the vineyards and learn more about the wines of India when they visit Nashik, in Maharashtra. If our guests are planning to travel to India in the next few months, there are quite a few festivals and quintessentially Indian experience to savour.

Lastly, we welcome your queries and look forward to crafting distinctive itineraries for our guests.

River cruises in Ganga and Brahmaputra
Terracotta artwork near Kolkata
Sample Bohri cuisine in Mumbai
A day with the Dabbawalas in Mumbai
Wine tasting in western India
What to look out for in the next few months

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