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India Newsletter Archive



Akorn India Newsletter | January 2019

Around the world, the appeal of cultural tourism is growing and as we step into a new year, we deepen our endeavour towards meaningful travel, this time with a special focus on engaging with people and their ways of life.


 Akorn India Newsletter | October 2018

With another year drawing to a close, we have, as always, brought forth a gamut of niche experiences for our guests to indulge in, certainly in the new year but also in what is left of 2018. River cruises in eastern India are an interesting way to unlock the region. Moving across the country to Mumbai, Bohri cuisine is a unique culinary discovery that we want to share with our guests; we are sure they will love it as much as we do! While there, they may also want to spend a day with the iconic Dabbawalas. 


Akorn India Newsletter | June 2018

We recognise that our patrons not only want to taste exquisite Indian food but would also like to be involved in the process of picking out ingredients; they want to spend some time with a local family learning about the customs and culture. Whether it be homestays down south in Kerala or tracking snow leopards in the towering mountains of Ladakh, we have tried to bring snippets of such experiences in this newsletter.


Akorn India Newsletter | April 2018

We promise exclusive, customised and meticulously planned vacations to ensure an enriching, once-in-lifetime experience for our patrons. Get a flavour of a few of these experiences in this newsletter.


Akorn India Newsletter | January 2018

In this New Year edition of our newsletter, read about the new experiences one can look forward to in this ultimate diverse destination, India.




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