South Africa  

South Africa is a region of incredible diversity in landscape, wildlife and culture. Experience deserts, savannah, forests, coral reefs, endless beaches, mountains, modern cities, epic scenery and prolific wildlife. The people of South Africa are made up of many diverse cultures and hence it is known as the "Rainbow Nation" with eleven official languages. There is nowhere better to view the "Big Five" than Southern Africa's luxurious private reserves, where guests travel in open four-wheel-drive vehicles, allowing for unobstructed views of wildlife. Lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant and rhino can all be found and with highly skilled rangers who know just where to look. Bird life is prolific and for the sheer variety of flora, only the Amazon rivals the density of all species found here. In the Cape region, Mediterranean in climate and European in culture, you will find ample opportunities for day cruises, nature hikes, wine tasting and simply soaking up the spectacular view.

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