Spanning an archipelago of more than 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a paradise of incredible diversity with remote island beaches, dense tropical jungles, thundering volcanoes and colorful, bustling cities. A strong sense of spirituality and tradition permeates through every aspect of life in Indonesia, from the nation's delectable cuisine to its profound agricultural system, vibrant dance, traditional arts and ritual music, making this an ideal destination for wellness as well as transformative and luxury travel. Bali inspires with its white sandy beaches and dramatic coastal scenery as well as tranquil rice fields and lush, green landscapes that are perfect for a leisurely bike ride or scenic walk, while the foothills of Borobudur in Central Java offer dream-like visions of volcanoes and valleys. For the ultimate private getaways, the Maluku Islands (or Spice Islands) and Komodo Islands are perfect for private yacht charters to some of the world's best diving and snorkeling sites as well as opportunities to discover the native flora and fauna that exists in this vast archipelago.

We recommend:

  • Setting sail on a private luxury yacht voyage in the Spice Islands
  • Going remote on a relaxing beach stay on beautiful Lombok island
  • Walking with a Balinese priest through rice fields and a medicinal herb garden
  • A taste of Indonesian cuisine at a traditional Balinese kitchen
  • Cycling through villages and coffee plantations on the edge of a volcano in Bali


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