Greater China & the Far East

What does “Greater China & the Far East” mean? Is it some new geopolitical organization or a geographic designation, or a new way to look at a part of Asia?

It is all the above and much more: this is one dynamic region in the world of Akorn that is fast growing into a traveller’s dream destination. It suggests a sweeping panorama of images coloured by varied landscapes and peoples, ancient histories, and cultures, and today a region surging to the forefront of development and leadership. For the traveller this just may be the most diverse, exciting, and fascinating of regions in a world of remarkable destinations.

Welcome to the lands of Greater China & the Far East including China, Hong Kong, & Macau (Greater China) while the Far East is represented by Mongolia, South Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore and Japan.

The landscapes encompass everything from deserts to snow-capped mountains, open grasslands, and tropical forests. The region’s more than 1.8 billion people are a rainbow of ethnic diversity, languages, and cultural traditions; with more than 6,000 years of recorded history, its sheer depth of civilization makes it almost unmatched in terms of travel interest. Urban and rural wonders, a cornucopia of culinary highlights, and warm hospitality all deeply influence Greater China and the Far East. This is a wondrous tapestry of life and with Akorn’s deep roots throughout the region, it has become a traveller’s dream destination.

The need to or interest in travel means different things to different people but no matter your background the world of Greater China and the Far East offers almost limitless possibilities. For anyone who wants to understand the world and the challenges it faces then this trip is a necessity. All who visit return with a new understanding of what Greater China and the Far East is and, more importantly, where it’s going and how it will be part of our future too.

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