Kenya: The Jewel of East Africa  

Kenya offers a unique combination of exceptional game viewing and a vibrant mix of colourful ancient cultures with over 40 different tribes.

The country is home to some of the best national parks and game reserves in Africa with diverse ecosystems, from snowcapped mountains, semi-arid desert regions and rainforests, to acacia-studded savannahs, flamingo lakes, white palm-fringed ocean beaches and coral reefs. Sitting astride the equator, Kenya enjoys a good year round climate and has a sophisticated infrastructure with a variety of excellent accommodation options in hotels, lodges, luxury camps, tree hotels and even private luxury mobile camps in prime wildlife locations.

Kenya is also host to the annual wildebeest migration which only happens in East Africa. One of nature's most impressive displays of wildlife, the migration can be seen in the Mara-Serengeti where it is estimated that over two million animals migrate in a year-round pattern, following the rain and greener pastures.

Kenya offers an amazing range of activities - from walking, biking, camel or horse riding safaris to snorkelling and diving in the Indian Ocean, climbing Mount Kenya, white water rafting, fishing or playing golf in beautiful locations.   

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