LATIN America

Latin America has quickly become one of the world's favorite destinations, not just thanks to the warm, friendly people and gorgeous weather year-round, but because it is now so easily accessible. On a trip to Latin America you can visit remote islands, exotic beaches, dense jungles the mighty Andes Range, pristine Patagonia or the mythic Amazonia, within just a few hours of each other. This continent offers such a range of different landscapes and experiences that in just one trip, you will feel like you've travelled around the world.

Now is the time to explore the unexplored, to marvel at the wonders of the New World and to witness different cultures living together harmoniously whilst you enjoy comfort, style and sophistication. Join us for the most wonderful time of your life in a continent where you can sit nose to nose with the local wildlife, where you can spot elusive jaguars, gaze up at a blanket of stars in the world's driest desert, where you can straddle the Equator and where you can trek along an Emperor's private pathway, also known as the Inca Trail.

We first arrived in Latin America, in 2000, in Peru and since then we have spread to Chile, Ecuador, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia and most recently Costa Rica. By using our contacts we can open doors that others simply can't and our unique Insider Access opportunities steer us away from the superficial product that is commonly offered today. Our Guardian Angel service in Cusco and The Galapagos, our hand-picked vehicles, hotels and guides, our great relationship with people on the ground and our great buying power, combined with such original and creative itineraries ensure our guests leave South America with memories to last a lifetime.

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