Welcome to Europe

For a continent that is so easily traversed, Europe presents a surprisingly diverse offering. The landscape varies from Portugal's hot and sandy beaches, through the lavender fields of France and mountain scenery of Switzerland, along the snaking Danube, above the spires of Moscow and the largest freshwater lake in the world, down to Greece's islands that number into the thousands. 

In the morning you can eat delicate pastries in a French café, with views of the Eiffel tower, and the same evening tuck into a freshly-caught and traditionally prepared Croatian fish dinner, as the sun sets over the Adriatic Sea. Regional and seasonal gastronomy ensure that every vacation to Europe will present a new experience and understanding of a country. These seasonal variations also present bountiful English gardens, the Netherlands' rainbow-hued tulip fields and a chance to spot herds of stags roaming through the wilds of the Highlands. 

History reveals itself in the form of Neolithic Stonehenge, the incredibly preserved and extensive ruins of Pompeii and the elegant Islamic architecture at Samarkand. Amble through Croatia's Diocletian Palace, an absorbing labyrinth in the heart of Split, or walk the path of the fallen Berlin Wall. Retrace the steps of the French Impressionist painters or wander amidst the Surrealist architecture in Barcelona, before taking in the stunning Moscow Metro and the city's booming contemporary art scene. 

In Europe you can take a gondola in Venice, a Mini Copper around London, a traditional horse-pulled troika in Russia or a yacht-charter amongst the Croatian islands. Throughout you will be greeted by a charmingly diverse selection of people who embrace their traditional heritage. From the Scottish tartan donned for the exhilarating Edinburgh Tattoo, lederhosen-clad revellers at Munich's Oktoberfest and the flamenco dancers of Spain, Europe is an ever evolving combination of vibrant tradition and modern evolution. 

Whilst the old staples of Italy, France and Spain continue to delight, new destinations such as Slovenia and Poland are forging their own unique identities. Wherever you chose to visit in Europe there are no bad options;only more excuses to come back and visit this incredible continent again. 

With a dedicated team and unique network of guides and Guardian Angel's we keep abreast of all the new developments, restaurants, villas, hotels and opportunities to ensure we can lead you to the heart of any local culture.

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