Colombia: The Gateway To South America

Known as the gateway to South America, Colombia strategically sits right at the northwest of the continent, marking the border between Central and South America. However, its location isn’t just a geopolitical aspect of the region. It is also the element that brings to life the natural contrasts and beauties of this country! Nestled between moorlands and Caribbean beaches, mountain ranges, and the aroma of coffee, history, and the vibrant spirits of the locals, Colombia is a destination whose colors, backdrops, and flavors will have you exploring to the rhythm of tropical salsa music!

Let us take you on a discovery journey that will allow you to embrace the beautiful elements of this destination, with Akorn classic style and top-notch service to bring your experience to the highest level! From boutique hotels in Colombia’s oldest cities and buildings to privileged places on the shore of the Caribbean beaches, unparalleled coffee-related experiences, renowned restaurants to pamper your palate, and the possibility of arranging private-jet journeys through the country, at Akorn we have thought of every detail and every possibility that might allow you to enjoy every step -or mile- of the way.

Thanks to our consolidated presence in the region and our experience operating this destination, we can assure nothing but the best and most memorable experiences to our guests visiting Colombia, or those wishing to combine it with the wonders of South America.

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